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Welcome to AJ's Country Cottage ...your source for quality handcrafted candles, handmade soaps, and luxurious bath & body treats!

We hope you enjoy our large selection of country-made products, all of which are designed to make your little corner of the world smell delightful. Here you'll find room-scenting candles and highly-scented soy candles, goat's milk soap, shea butter lotions and MORE in a wide variety of wonderful fragrances. We work hard to maintain high-quality standards and keep our prices low so we can pass the savings on to you. Everything's made in the fresh, pure air of the Missouri countryside, America's Heartland!

ladybugCANDLES with a KICK...

Tired of candles that smell great cold, but not at all when burning? Me too! It's a candle-lover's pet peeve, so we set out to build a better candle. We use a special wax blend and pour 50% more fragrance oil than average into each and every candle. You'll be delighted with how these candles really fragrance a room; our customers report that they can smell the burning candles from least three to six feet away or MORE when burned out of a draft. Try some today, and see what a difference FRESH makes!


Ever tried glycerin-rich soaps made from scratch? We use only the highest-quality ingredients such as pure olive oil, soy oil, goat's milk, shea butter, and lavender essential oil. Our soaps not only gently cleanse, but smell wonderful while doing it! If you've only used commercial detergent bars, try pampering your skin with gentle GENUINE handmade soap!

ladybugBATH and BODY TREATS...

A healthful skin-care routine just wouldn't be complete without wonderfully moisturizing lotions and emollient creams. Pamper your skin with our shea butter lotions, and soothe those extra-dry troublesome areas with our creamy shea butter body balms. Or enjoy a luxurious soak in a tub full of rich milk bubble bath...you'll be glad you TREATED yourself!

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