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Autumn Favorites Candles

Celebrate the scents of the season! Apples, pumpkins, nuts, spices and woodsy notes abound in our Autumn Favorites Collection! These popular paraffin candles are poured in 8 ounce square Mason jars and have a burn time of 55-60 hours.

Color of scent name indicates color of candle unless indicated otherwise in scent description.

If your scent choice does not appear in the drop-down "CHOOSE SCENT" menu below, that scent is temporarily unavailable.

Scent Descriptions:

Apple Butter & Caramel Candle: Like a delicious simmering pot of fresh apple butter, laced with caramel and kissed with spice!

Autumn Spice Candle: Gorgeous blend of cinnamon, allspice, and clove, simmered in sweet, buttery vanilla. Deep, rich, spicy scent that's PERFECT for autumn!

Autumn Splendor Candle: Warm cinnamon blends deliciously with orange peel, creamy vanilla, and light fruity tones. Hints of baked apples and oak peek out from a warm bottom layer of musk and spices. So cozy and so AUTUMN!

Autumn Warmth Candle: Upscale and unique aroma features notes of autumn cypress, red cedar, dried fruits and grasses on an earthy base of peppercorn and patchouli. A light but rich and creamy vanilla musk note rounds out this excellent blend.

Butternut Pumpkin Candle: Hearty notes of rich, buttery winter squash are accented with fresh fruit and sweet almond top notes that give way to spicy nutmeg, cinnamon, and cassia middle notes and then a milky-sweet vanilla and caramelized sugar base. Perfection!

Cider Barrel Candle: Yummy! Start with crisp, fresh apples -- sweet and juicy. Now simmer the just-pressed juices with delicious cinnamon spice and serve piping hot! Blend in a rich cedar wood note and you've got one fabulous fall fragrance.

Dried Apple Wreath Candle: Gorgeous rustic fragrance is perfect for autumn and beyond! Features notes of dried apple blended with woodsy notes, cinnamon stick, clove bud and light balsam notes. If you like the warm, inviting aroma of apple, you'll love this one!

Enchanted Apple Candle: New! Magical combo of heirloom apples, sparkling citrus notes, and beautiful nuances of apple blossoms, jasmine, and lily.

Fall Wreath Candle: Fabulous fusion of warm, woodsy SPICE notes! No shortage of cinnamon and clove buds HERE.

Harvest Time Candle: Freshly-grated pumpkin notes accented by a touch of cinnamon and steaming hot apple cider make this bright and warm fragrance perfect for fall. Really says AUTUMN!

Peppermint Hot Cocoa Candle: Like a steaming, sweet mug of hot chocolate kissed with a touch of pure peppermint.

Pickin' Pumpkins Candle:A warm, spicy pumpkin with highlights of dried orange peel, rum, nutmeg, clove, cassia, allspice, malted vanilla, and a woody, cinnamon bark dry-down.

Pumpkin Bread Candle: You'll swear there's a fresh loaf baking in the oven!

Pumpkin Custard Candle: A deliciously buttery fall treat! Warm notes of cinnamon, ginger, nutty pumpkin, and brown sugar are topped off with sweet vanilla custard cream and hints of orange peel for some extra zest. If you love pumpkin, GET THIS!

Spiced Pumpkin Candle: Fruity, mellow pumpkin and a strong spice kick make this an autumn favorite. Not too sweet; emphasis on the spice! If you prefer a sweeter pumpkin, try our Sweet Pumpkin!

Sweet Pumpkin Spice Candle: A sweet fall favorite with just a touch of spice! Yes, the cinnamon is there, but this one is creamier and sweeter than our Spiced Pumpkin, and this features an emphasis on pumpkin rather than spice. If you prefer the emphasis on spice, try Spiced Pumpkin!

Vanilla Chai Candle: Fabulous fusion of rich vanilla and spicy chai. My nose detects a light nutty note as well. Cozy and warm scent! Candle color is white.

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