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Cottage Kitchen Soap

Here's a collection of soaps that smells homey, delicious, and invitingly spicy. All soap here is made with oils of olive, coconut, palm, soy and castor.
3.5-4 ounce bar
Pictured, L to R: Gingersnap, Honey Almond, Tahitian Vanilla. Back: Fresh Lemon Sugar.

Scent Descriptions:

Gingersnap Soap: Wonderful fragrance of gingersnap cookies! Vegan.

Honey Almond Soap: Mmmmmm...this delicious-smelling soap smells like sweet almond blended with rich honey. Almond colored soap flecked with golden honey.

Fresh Lemon Sugar Soap: Clean, fresh lemon blend. To die for! Vegan.

Tahitian Vanilla Soap: Full-bodied vanilla rum scent also features a touch of coconut. This will have you dreaming of a relaxing holiday on a Pacific Island. Warm brown bar is topped with a dusting of silvery mica. Vegan.


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