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Cottage Orchard Candles

Our popular paraffin candles are poured in 8 ounce square Mason jars and have a burn time of 55-60 hours.

Color of scent name indicates color of candle unless indicated otherwise in scent description.

If your scent choice does not appear in the drop-down "CHOOSE SCENT" menu below, that scent is temporarily unavailable.

Scent Descriptions:

Birds of Paradise Candle: Wonderful fruit and floral blend.

Black Cherry Candle: Sweet, ripe, full-bodied cherry. A traditional favorite!

Blueberries and Vanilla Cream Candle: Fresh blueberries accented with a swirl of sweet vanilla cream.

Citrus Slices Candle: Fabulous blend of orange, lemon and lime. Crisp and strong!

Coconut Bay Candle: No overly sweet notes here, just pure, fresh coconut meat! Think suntan lotion, tropical beaches, sunshine and fun. This is a Coconut Bay type scent. Candle color is white.

Ginger Peach Candle: Juicy & sweet ripe peaches with a zippy ginger twist! Awesome!

Green Tea and Cucumber Candle: Light, delicate and clean scent of green tea and fresh cucumber. Great twist on a classic fave!

Honey Mango Candle: Sweet mango blended with coconut and a touch of honey. Lovely!

Lemon Colada Candle: Classic twist on the pina colada fragrance. Just add a dash of zesty lemon! A bit lighter than our Lemon Slices, but certainly just as fun!

Lemon Slices Candle: Pure, fresh lemon never fails to lift my mood. Sunny & bright room filler smells so clean!

Love Spell type Candle: Just like the scent of a similar name sold by a popular lingerie chain! Features mandarin, bergamot, orange, peach, berries and a hint of musk.

Mango Papaya Candle: Tropical fresh fruit scent. One of our most popular fruity fragrances; everyone loves this one!

Nectarine and Vanilla Bean Candle: Juicy oranges and sweet nectarines on a background of fresh vanilla and grated coconut. In a word, YUM.

Perfect Pomegranate Candle: Sweet and ripe fresh fruit scent!

Pineapple Cilantro Candle: Tropical fruit scent of fresh pineapple with the barest hint of herbs in the background.

Strawberry Jam Candle: Mmmmm...did someone just pop open a fresh jar of sweet strawberry jam? We hear how realistic this one smells quite often!

Sweet Lime and Basil Candle: Juicy, sweet lime with a hint of pungent basil. This one's super strong!

Tropical Paradise Candle: Exotic fruit notes include star fruit, dragon fruit and lychee on a base of papaya and mango with a touch of lime. Complex, layered fragrance is tart yet sweet. Unique and fun!

Wildberry Zinger Candle: Deliciously fruity herbal tea! Super sweet!

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