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Designer Favorite Soap

These complex scent blends range from fun and sweet to elegant and sophisticated. Want something special for yourself or a special someone? Try Love Spell or Pink Sugar types for her; Lavenderwood Spice or Enchanted Oak for him. These popular favorites are sure to please! All soap here is made with oils of olive, coconut, palm, soy and castor.
3.5-4 ounce bar
Pictured L to R: Pink Sugar type, Love Spell type, Enchanted Oak. Top: Lavenderwood Spice.

Scent Descriptions:

Love Spell type Soap: This unique fragrance features notes of mandarin, bergamot, orange, peach, and berries with a hint of delicate florals and a tiny touch of musk. White and purple swirled bar.

Lavenderwood Spice Soap: A warm, woody spice scent with top notes of melon and clove leading to mid notes of nutmeg spice and lavender wood. The bottom note is a rich sandalwood vanilla. Masculine and sensual. Warm brown-colored bar swirled with a touch of black clay.

Pink Sugar type Soap: A delicate, sweet, light-hearted and innocent scent reminiscent of cotton candy mixed with vanilla and caramel. But it's also lightened with a fresh bergamot and orangy citrus top note, with touches of berries, muget, strawberry, plum, and a dry-down of dry fig leaves, musk, anise, and woods. Deep brown bar topped with a golden pink dusting of mica.

Enchanted Oak: A very unusual but delightful combination of warm vanilla and woodsy oak with a touch of fragrant spice. Not sweet and foodlike, but an earthy, masculine and sensual scent. Rich brown colored bar topped with elegant gold mica.

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