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Fresh, Clean, Earthy Candles

Our popular paraffin candles are poured in 8 ounce square Mason jars and have a burn time of 55-60 hours.

Color of scent name indicates color of candle unless indicated otherwise in scent description.

If your scent choice does not appear in the drop-down "CHOOSE SCENT" menu below, that scent is temporarily unavailable.

Scent Descriptions:

Baby Powder Candle: Delicate, powdery soft baby scent.

Bamboo Cypress Candle: This fresh and earthy scent features lemon and orange citrus notes along with accents of crisp green bamboo. Light touches of rose, cedar, and clove peak out from a base of oriental spice mingled with earthy patchouli and ylang ylang. Rich and musky, this fragrance is not perfumey, but very natural smelling.

Cedarwood Patchouli Candle: Delicate scent of woodsy cedarwood mingled with delicate, earthy patchouli notes. Two of my favorites together! I could roll around in this scent like a dog. There, I said it.

Clean Cotton type Candle: Love the smell of clean laundry? This one smells like you just took a load of fresh clothes from the drier. Just like the scent of a similar name sold by a popular candle chain. Candle color is white.

Clean Green Candle: Crisp and green, this wonderfully clean fragrance features grassy vetiver, pear agave, and fresh greens touched with light accents of forest mosses. Refreshing, spa-inspired aroma will invigorate your senses.

Enchanted Oak Candle: Here's a very unique combination of vanilla, oak, and spice. Not sweet and foodlike, but warm and masculine. A favorite with women as well!

English Ivy Candle: This fabulous scent gives an ambiance of a well-kept house with crisp linens, manicured gardens, and sunlight on a gleaming parquet floor. Wonderful fresh scent features green notes with early spring blooms. Strong, unique and clean!

Forest Path Candle: Like a stroll through the woods! Lovely greenery scent.

Hawaiian Sandalwood Candle: Delicate, yet true sandalwood fragrance that I adore. Candle color is white.

Japanese Pear & Ginseng Candle: Bold red ginseng is fused with fresh, green Japanese pear for a unique, upscale spa scent! Clean, refreshing, and very delicate fragrance also features light notes of peach blossom and amber.

Ocean Mist Candle: Like a misty breeze from the sea.

Pipe Smoke Candle: Aromatic, sweet tobacco fragrance. Very popular and hard to keep in stock!

Rosemary Mint Candle: Aromatic herbal with a mint kick! Does not smell medicinal. Great room freshener.

Saddle Shop Candle: Cowboy up, dude! This one smells like genuine leather!

Sandalwood Vanilla Candle: Wonderful blend of earthy, sensuous sandalwood and warm vanilla. Candle color is white.

Spring Breezes Candle: Delicate spring blossoms and buds gently washed by a refreshing rainshower. Clean & fresh!

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