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Paraffin Candles, Melts

We use 50% more fragrance oil than your average candle, so you'll get great scent both cold and burning. The aroma can be smelled from at least 3-6 feet away as long as candle is burning out of drafts. Many scent a room up to 8-10 feet away!

These 8 oz. square mason candles are our most popular jar. They come with a rustic matte lid as shown in photo and burn an average of 55-60 hours.

As with all our candles, we use only safe, lead-free wicks.

Burning Tips for Maximum Candle Life and Safety
-- Burn out of drafts.
-- Keep wick trimmed to approximately 1/4 inch. If wick is giving off soot and/or smoke, it's either in a draft or it's time for a trim!
-- Before extinguishing, burn until melted wax pool covers entire top surface of candle. Otherwise, a tunnel will develop down the middle, which greatly shortens candle life.

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