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ScentCakes Paraffin Wax Melts

These highly-scented Wax Melts for your tarts warmer will fill the room with glorious scent! Each breakaway wax tart clamshell holds about 3 ounces of our famous highly-scented paraffin wax. Just invert the package and push one of the six wax cubes out with your thumb. Out will pop a one-inch square chunk of fragrant delight! Use one or two melts to fragrance your room. Mix and match scents to create your own custom fragrances! I use one cube to scent smaller rooms; two for larger areas. PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR WAX MELTS ARE NOW UNCOLORED.


ALMOND RUM CAKE: Tender cake, sweet almond, hearty rum and creamy vanilla!

AMISH HARVEST CAKE: Delicious spicy cake with sweet cream cheese frosting. Delectable!

APPLE BUTTER & CARAMEL: Just like a big pot of delicious spiced caramel apple butter simmering on the stove. Delish!

APPLE CINNAMON: The name says it all! Fresh apples kissed with sweet cinnamon!

APPLESAUCE GINGERBREAD: Awesome pairing of sweet applesauce and spicy gingerbread. Looking for unique? Look no further!

AUTUMN SPICE: Gorgeous blend of cinnamon, allspice and clove simmered in sweet, buttery vanilla. Deep, rich, spicy scent.

CARAMEL CAPPUCCINO: Scrumptious blend of fresh roasted coffee and creamy caramel with a touch of sweet vanilla. A coffee lover's delight!

CARAMEL WALNUT: Super homey, cozy scent! Sweet, creamy, buttery caramel with a nutty twist.

CHESTNUTS AND BROWN SUGAR: Deliciously nutty yet creamy and smooth caramelized sugar. Don't let the soft scent when you open the jar fool you. This one packs a whollop when lit!

CINNAMON BREAD PUDDING: FABULOUS bakery scent! Sweet bread pudding laced with spicy cinnamon & plump raisins!

CINNAMON CIDER: Deliciously spiced apple cider, simmering with whole cinnamon sticks and served up piping hot!

CINNAMON STICKS: Warm, woodsy, spicy cinnamon. A real home warmer!

COUNTRY GIFT SHOP: Ginger spice with hints of dried fruits like apple. Really does remind me of browsing in a quaint country shop.

CREME BRULEE: The ultimate caramelized vanilla custard!

FALL WREATH: Fabulous fusion of warm, woodsy SPICE notes! No shortage of cinnamon and clove buds HERE.

FRESH ROASTED COFFEE: Mmmm...full bodied coffee beans!

COZY HOME: Toasted graham crackers, vanilla frosting, creamy caramel, and juicy raisins all rolled into one!

GRANDMA'S KITCHEN: Apples, spice, and all things nice. A top seller!

HARVEST SPICE: Clove-spice blend; just like the fragrance of a similar name sold by a popular candle store.

ORANGE CREAMSICLE: A creamy orange-vanilla blend that will take you back to your childhood. Best seller!

PEPPERMINT HOT COCOA: Hot chocolate kissed with sweet peppermint.

PICKIN' PUMPKINS: Warm, spicy pumpkin with dried orange peel, rum, nutmeg, clove, cassia, allspice, malted vanilla, and woody cinnamon bark.

PINK SUGAR: A sophisticated cotton candy scent blended with vanilla and a touch of caramel. Similar to the designer perfume.

PUMPKIN BREAD: You'll swear there's a fresh loaf baking in the oven!

PUMPKIN CARAMEL LATTE: Pumpkin, caramel, spices, cream, & pralines.

SOUTHERN PECAN PIE: This sweet and nutty scent will make you drool. Please refrain from digging into this one with a spoon!

SPICED BAKED APPLES: Bold blend of cinnamon, ginger, and other spices harmonizes beautifully with wonderful mellow apple notes and other fruit accords.

SPICED PUMPKIN: Hearty pumpkin with a strong emphasis on the SPICE! Not for the faint of heart. :) Prefer a fruitier pumpkin? Try Sweet Pumpkin Spice!

GRAN'S SUGAR COOKIES: Mmmmmmm...buttery sweet vanilla cookies with just a touch of cinnamon. One of my personal faves.

SWEET PUMPKIN SPICE: Sweet, mellow pumpkin with just a touch of spice. If you prefer more IN YOUR FACE spice, try Spiced Pumpkin!

VANILLA BEAN: Sweet, homey vanilla, pure & simple! Customer fave!

VANILLA BEAN NOEL type: Caramelly vanilla treat!

VANILLA HAZELNUT: Warm, super nutty vanilla that's not overly sweet.

VANILLA SPICE: If you love vanilla and you love spice, you HAVE to try this super-popular scent! Creamy, delicious vanilla blended with nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice and clove with a sugar kiss.

WELCOME HOME: Cozy, homey, inviting red hot cinnamon-spice blend. Seems to say, "The Welcome Mat is out!"


FRESH LILAC: You'll think it's spring, and you're standing next to a lilac bush in bloom! Our best-selling floral.

HAWAIIAN PLUMERIA: Plumeria is the Hawaiian lei flower, and this is one strong, beautiful floral.

HONEYSUCKLE JASMINE: Delicate fragrance that's so true to its name! Beautiful blend of honeysuckle and jasmine.

LAVENDER BASIL: Delicate, sweet lavender blends wonderfully with gorgeous basil. Unique!

LAVENDER FROST: Fresh peppermint teams up with sweet lavender!

LAVENDER GARDEN: Lavender lovers, rejoice and relax! This is a true herbal lavender.

OZARK DOGWOOD: Crisp, "fresh & clean" floral. Different!

SWEET GARDENIA: Smells exactly like the fragrant white flower of the same name.


AMBER LILY: Cyclamen and fragrant mimosa plus white lily blended with white amber and warm musk.

AUTUMN WOODS: Imagine strolling through the woods on a beautiful fall afternoon. Woodsy notes, dried leaves, light nutty notes and a hint of spice are in the air. Gorgeous!

BABY POWDER: Delicate, powdery soft baby scent.

CLEAN COTTON type: Love the smell of clean laundry? This one smells like you just took a load of fresh clothes from the drier. Just like the scent of a similar name sold by a popular candle chain.

ENCHANTED OAK: Here's a very unique combination of vanilla, oak, and spice. Not sweet and foodlike, but warm and masculine. A favorite with women as well!

ENGLISH IVY: This fabulous scent gives an ambiance of a well-kept house with crisp linens, manicured gardens, and sunlight on a gleaming parquet floor. Wonderful fresh scent features green notes with early spring blooms. Strong, unique and clean!

FOREST PATH: Fresh greenery - like a stroll through the woods!

JAPANESE PEAR & GINSENG: Bold red ginseng fused with fresh green pear! Upscale spa scent.

OCEAN MIST: Like a misty breeze from the sea. Fresh!

ROSEMARY MINT: Aromatic herbal with a sweet mint kick! Does not smell medicinal. Great room freshener.

SADDLE SHOP: Genuine leather scent!

SANDALWOOD VANILLA: Wonderful, powdery blend of earthy, sensuous sandalwood and warm vanilla.

SPRING BREEZES: Delicate breezes blow the soft scents of clean rain, tender buds, and gentle blossoms your way. This fabulous fresh scent brings springtime indoors ANY time of year!


BLACK CHERRY: Sweet, ripe, full-bodied cherry. A traditional favorite! STRONG!

BUTTERNUT PUMPKIN: Hearty notes of rich, buttery winter squash accented with fresh fruit and sweet almond, spicy nutmeg, cinnamon, and cassia along with milky-sweet vanilla and a caramelized sugar base.

CHERRY COCONUT: What a sweet, delightful combo this one is! Kids of all ages love this one. Like candy!

CITRUS SLICES: Fabulous blend of orange, lemon and lime. Crisp and strong!

COCONUT BAY type: Pure, fresh coconut meat! Think suntan lotion, tropical beaches, sunshine and fun. If you love straight coconut that's not overly sweet and vanilla-ey, here's your scent!

ENCHANTED APPLE: Heirloom apples, sparkling citrus, and delicate blossoms.

GINGER PEACH: Fresh, ripe peaches with a zippy bite of spicy ginger just says SUMMER! Peach and spice lovers, you'll go wild for this one. Bring fruity summer freshness indoors any time of year!

HONEY MANGO: Fabulous fruity tropical treat! Sweet honey top notes lead to luscious ripe mango with a coconut twist. Whisk yourself away to an island paradise, even if it's just in your imagination!

LEMON SLICES: Refreshing, tart lemon is so sunny and cheerful! I adore lemon, and it never fails to lift my spirits when I smell it. This is a true, delicious, pure lemon scent, fellow lemon lovers. Bring the sunshine indoors with this uplifting fragrance!

LOVE SPELL type: Just like the scent of a similar name sold by a popular lingerie chain! Features mandarin, bergamot, orange, peach, berries and a hint of musk.

MANGO PAPAYA: Tropical fresh fruit scent. One of our most popular fruity fragrances; everyone loves this one!

NECTARINE VANILLA: Juicy oranges and sweet nectarines on a background of fresh vanilla and grated coconut.

RED CURRANTS type: If you prefer tart fruit scents over sweet ones, this is it! Tart, tangy currants will seem to fill your room fast! Wonderfully fresh and clean fruit scent that's not a bit heavy on the sweetness.

STRAWBERRY JAM: Did someone just pop open a fresh jar of sweet, luscious strawberry jam? Sure smells like it! This one is SO true!

STRAWBERRY SUPREME: You just can't beat those juicy, ripe berries. Bring this garden-fresh, sweet springtime favorite into your home and see if you don't agree that strawberry rules!

SWEET LIME AND BASIL: Juicy, tart/sweet lime with a hint of pungent basil.

WILDBERRY ZINGER TEA: Fabulous blend of wild berries, just like the herbal tea. Fresh, fruity, fun fragrance!



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