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Special Recipe Soap

These special recipe soaps are among our bestsellers for good reason! They're packed with extra-special skin-loving ingredients such as buttermilk, silk, oats, clay, shea butter, honey, goat's milk and MORE. Relax and pamper yourself; indulge in a little affordable elegance and soothe your cares away at bathtime.
Pictured, L to R: Sweet Goat's Milk, Creamy Shea Butter, Close Shave Bar. Top: Oatmeal, Milk & Honey.
3.5-4 ounce bar

Scent Descriptions:

Close Shave Bar: Packed with extra-rich lather! Special clay and silk are added to help your razor glide smoothly. Scented with our own special blend of citrusy and woodsy essential oils for a bright, uplifting, lemony scent. No artificial colorants or fragrances are added to this all-natural, light lemon-colored bar. Made with oils of olive, coconut, palm, palm kernel, apricot kernel, castor and soy.

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Soap: Here's the ultimate "spoil me" soap! This sweetly-scented bar is made with not only pure olive oil, but also real oatmeal, goat's milk, and honey. Deep tan bar flecked with oats. No artificial colorant added to this all-vegetable recipe. A customer favorite! Made with oils of olive, palm, coconut, castor, and soy.

Sweet Goat's Milk Soap: Each and every sweet-smelling bar is made with over one full ounce of pure goat's milk. The result is rich, creamy lather that makes my skin feel oh-so soft. No artificial colorant added to this all-vegetable recipe. Creamy tan bar with soft peaks on top. Made with oils of olive, palm, coconut, soy and castor.

Creamy Shea Butter Soap: Enriched with high quality, unrefined shea butter and delicately scented in Rice Flower and Shea type fragrance. No artificial colorants are added to this soft yellow all-vegetable bar topped with calendula petals. Creamy lather that my dry skin loves. Coconut-free formula is made with olive oil, unrefined shea butter, and oils of palm kernel, soy and castor. Vegan.

Limited quantities for this item. 3 Creamy Shea Butter, 3 Oatmeal, Milk & Honey in stock.
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