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Secret Pal Friendly

AJ's Country Cottage is thrilled to be Secret Pal Friendly!

What does this mean? Simply put, if you'd like us to send anything to your Secret Pal, we will do so anonymously. Your information will appear nowhere on the order invoice or in any other information. We understand the fun and excitement that comes from being a member of a secret sister/pal group and we're here to help make your shopping experience as sneaky as it can be.

2 Simple Steps to Secret Gifting!

1. Select the items you want for your Secret Pal and put them into your shopping cart. Then simply type "SECRET PAL ORDER" in the Special Requests box on your shopping cart page.

2. When you checkout, you will find a section where you'll fill in your name and address. You'll also see a SHIP TO section where you will enter the name and address of your Secret Pal. A note that lets the recipient know the gift is from her Secret Pal will be included in the order at no extra charge. You will remain anonymous; your name will not appear anywhere in the recipient's gift.

we are secret pal friendly!

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